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Sustainable business is in our DNA.
We do more than simply attaining standard accreditations, such as a BSCI, BEPI, RSPO or FSC® label. In everything we do, we make choices – wherever possible – that benefit people, animals and the planet. We also carefully select our partners. In doing so, we examine their ethics and the fair trade measures and working conditions applied.
At Dresz, we do business with our hearts.

Heart for product, people and planet

Assistance in the Far East

Our office in the Far East supports us in the area of sourcing, site visits and safeguarding the Amfori BSCI and Amfori BEPI social compliance accreditations, which vouch for ethical, fair and safe working conditions and a responsible supply chain.
We can also supply wood and paper products that are FSC® certified. This basically implies that the trees used originate from a responsibly managed forest area, where trees are replanted to prevent deforestation. In addition, we can also offer products made of bamboo with FSC® certification.


Everything we supply is not only good,but actually exceeds all legal requirements in terms of quality. Good products, last longer.

Towards a circular economy

The earth is asking us to handle raw materials differently and to reuse more and more or to produce more sustainably. In everything we do, we strive to be one step better. Where possible, we use plastic-free packaging, products and packaging are easily recyclable or we use biodegradable or recycled raw materials. In terms of packaging, our switch from plastic to cardboard – where possible – has already saved millions of plastic bags in 2022!

Looking after each other

We like to carefully look after our team. DRESZ also provides practical learning places. We believe that we can help each other grow by investing in one another. This applies not only to our employees, but also our customers (who remain the focus of our attention), suppliers and manufacturers. By looking after each other and doing good together in the field of working conditions, sustainable production and quality, we endeavour to give something back to society.

Social commitment

In addition to transparency in our supply chain, our commitment to Social Compliance and the development of an increasingly planet-friendly range of products, we also try to ‘do good’ closer to home wherever possible. For example, we support initiatives such as the Voedselbank (food bank), Stichting Waalwijk CO2 vrij and a local hospice. We also invariably donate leftovers from our collections to charity.

Our aspirations

From the long-term perspective, we are examining possible means of significantly reducing our company’s footprint. Our aim is also to regularly give back to society. And last but not least, we continually propagate this CSR vision as widely as possible, both within and beyond the company. After all, we do good(s). And we are proud of it, too!

Quality marks

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We are
proud of

16-year history
reliable and professional

10-year membership of Amfori BSCI implies that our products come from approved origins

Long-term partnerships
with customers, suppliers, service providers and colleagues

sustainable paper, wood and bamboo on request

Mutual investment
through internships, knowledge sharing, studies and sponsorship of local initiatives

Circular economy
more and more production from recycled materials

All our packaging meets the
Plastics Pact 2025 targets (recycling guidelines)