Cooling & Heating

During hot days, a fan provides cooling. We offer a wide range of fans, each with its own uses. Hand, desk, table and floor fans, in every shape and size, in the most beautiful trend colours. Our range of fans ensures greater convenience on all fronts. These essential items for hot days can easily be the cherry on top within your retail offer. Besides fans, we also offer heaters in all shapes and sizes. Ask about the possibilities and let us help to develop a beautiful and appropriate range.

Besides our refreshing fans, we seamlessly switch to the ultimate sense of warmth. Give a warm welcome to our wide range of heating cushions, blankets and jugs. Equipped with targeted heat control and ultra-thin carbon graphene heating elements, our heating products are designed to take comfort standards to new heights. We can supply a wide variety of colours and fabrics to match your brand identity and retail shelves.

Private label or own brand

We believe in a full service concept. Looking for a complete plan for retail shelves, counter or floor displays or other POS solutions?
Dresz has a lot to offer.

Thanks to our years of experience, we know what works best in stores and are happy to help boost your resale. You can purchase all Cooling & Heating products under our own brand, if desired customized for your store(s). Or let us develop a complete private label collection. Everything is possible.

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