The best sports results are achieved with enough variety in training. At Dresz you are at the right place. We offer dumbbells and kettlebells of different weights to work on muscle strength. Yoga mats, blocks and balls for the perfect yoga exercises and drinking bottles and towels for the ultimate cool down. Our wide range of sport items ensures that every workout is a varied, challenging and sporting challenge every time.

Private label or own brand

We believe in a full service concept. Looking for a complete plan for retail shelves, counter or floor displays or other POS solutions?
Dresz has a lot to offer.

Thanks to our years of experience, we know what works best in stores and are happy to help boost your resale. You can purchase all sport products under our own brand Fit Essentials, if desired customized for your store(s). Or let us develop a complete private label collection. Everything is possible.

Let the power of Fit Essentials work for you.

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