Hamsta - School diary 2019/2020

Hamsta - School diary 2019/2020

€ 14,99 incl. btw

Only available in Benelux.


Product information

Is it weekend yet? From the start of the school year you will be flooded with homework and test weeks. Write down all your important school moments in this cute Hamsta diary 2019/2020. This way you can prepare yourself well and you won`t forget anything. Also that one nice party of that friend in a few weeks and not to forget the school holidays you can write all down in this cute agenda. The whole diary is provided with nice illustrations of these funny hamsters. Equipped with handy reading ribbon. This way you can easily find the current school week. Join Da Fun!

Product specification

Article number 1203102001
Retail price: € 14,99 incl. btw
Barcode: 8718776012845
Length (in cm) 1.5
Width (in cm) 15.4
Height (in cm) 22.6