Cooperation with SRT International BV.

Cooperation with SRT International BV.

SRT international will now provides the sales and sub-frontloading for Dresz International B.V. within the office and book retailers.

We are pleased to inform you about our cooperation with SRT International BV. since April 1st. 
The knowledge, passion and the many years of experience of SRT and our expertise in the field of product development and trends is the perfect base for this nice cooperation. 

Who is SRT International BV?
SRT is a well-established wholesaler in, import, export and transit of paper, cardboard, leather and / or plastic articles in the field of agendas, calendars, annual articles, leather goods, bags and school items. A well-known party for most book and office dealers.

What will change for you?
• The agents of SRT International will be your first point of contact and visit you if you wish
• Sales, invoicing and delivery will be arranged by SRT International
• Placing orders at the Dresz webshop is still possible, the invoicing and delivery will be arranged by Dresz

There’s a big chance that you will be approached soon by one of the SRT account managers.

Want to make an appointment?
Please contact one of the contacts below within your region.

SRT International B.V.
Kartonbaan 5
NL-9672 BP Winschoten
P.O. Box 1016
NL-9670 EA Winschoten
Niklas Giezen
(area Northern Netherlands)

Martin Wagemaker
(area Western Netherlands, Randstad)
Fred Boerboom
(area Southern Netherlands)
Karin Jansen
(area Central and Eastern Netherlands)