Stretchable book covers 2020/2021

Stretchable book covers from Dresz. Don't waste your time anymore with book covers! Hours of cutting, folding and pasting are a thing of the past. Now you only have a few seconds of work left! The Dresz® stretchable book cover is a textile cover that fits books, diaries and albums with a hard cover. Dirty? Just in the washing machine and to the next book! Equipped with a handy reading ribbon.

The Dresz® stretch book covers are available in 3 sizes:
1. Stretchable book covers 'up to A4' size, suitable for 85% of all school books.
2. Stretchable book covers 'up to A5' size, suitable for smaller (reading) books and diaries.
3. Stretchable book covers in 'XL' format, suitable for atlases, ring binders, albums and folders.

The covers are available in uni colours, prints, 'special' versions with charms, for example, as well as in advantage packs and accompanying textile labels, which you can see below. Every year there is a new back to school collection available.

Tip: Give your book a hard cover by inserting a piece of cardboard into the stretchable cover.
How you do that is shown in this video.